Cubaña Latino Caffe has been building partnerships with top global and local brands since 2002 and over time, these relationships have solidified to being mutually beneficial and successful partnerships within the Food & Beverage industry. The Group sells a large variety of both national and global brands across their nationwide network of stores. All F&B brands that are sold inside a Cubaña outlet, are carefully selected to ensure their customers are enjoying the best of what is available and current in the market. The Cubaña Group currently lists and sells over 100 brands in store, with strong partnerships being aligned with the brand principal and/or their South African distributors.

In addition to Food and Beverage, the group has added to its portfolio of partnerships, by collaborating with various companies outside of the restaurant industry. With the consumer in mind, Cubaña has developed innovative Brand Lifestyle Campaigns, focusing on rewarding customers in store with aspirational gifts when making a purchase. Previous national campaigns include collaborations with global and local fashion brands such as Versace, Aeronautica, Alpha Industries, G-Star, Beats By Dre, Swarovski, Pandora, American Swiss and C-Squared to name a few.

As Cubaña grows, the Group is looking ahead to partner with other companies within the Tech, Banking, Retail, Mobile, Health & Beauty and Fashion industries so watch this space!

For more information or to partner with Cubaña and your brand, please email the team on