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“Ay ngyakusaba Aw Stokie udangerous ngiyaksaba” Come through to jam with DJ Stokie this Sunday at Cubaña PMB | Strict…
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Lulo Cafe

This weekend Lulo Cafe is in the building. We’ve got an epic weekend lined up for you, promising a great…
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DJ Kool

Join us tomorrow night for nothing but a good time – with amazing music, authentico cocktails, great food, and wonderful…
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De Mthuda

Mngani wena angeke uzukholwe, ngeke uzukholwe De Mthuda is rocking Cubaña Fourways tonight ! A night that is going to…
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DJ Fresh

The Legend! The Big Dog has said it himself, tomorrow night he is going to ROCK Cubaña Bloemfontein. Kuzobamnandi, pull…
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Josiah De Disciple

Fancy a cocktail? Come to Cubaña Bloemfontein and enjoy a summer sunset session enjoying refreshing drinks and music by the…