Have you ever felt that every plan you made during a festive period has an Achilles heel? Where just one mistake can ruin your whole day? Ours friends at Heineken have also had these experiences and would like to add a little pizzaz to your festive season and help you remember that it is about the people you are with and that you should not let small things get you down.

Heineken is drawing on over a hundred years of brewing excellence that has been introduced into 192 countries world-wide. With an incredible 25 million Heinekens sold every day, they have decided to share some of their good fortune during this festive season in the only way that they know how…in style.

Imagine laying your hands on a set of Mercedes AMG keys and stepping into one of the worlds most iconic luxury vehicles with an engine roar that is admired wherever it is heard. If motorcycles are your thing, then imagine riding away into the sunset on your Harley Davidson motorcycle and your special someone on the back holding on tight. There are plenty of other prizes like Apple iStore vouchers and even a trip around the world, so that you finally see those sights you have been dreaming of.

Can you imagine winning one of those fabulous prizes that just by drinking one of the world’s best beers? This festive season is for remembering, so remember the good things and do not focus on the bad whilst keeping your eyes on the horizon.

Stay sharp, stay safe

JB The bar ‘Wacko’

Purchase any 2 x Heineken 330ml bottles OR Draughts and enter to WIN 1 of 3 R20,000 iStore vouchers AND up to R2,000,000 in other prizes such as a Mercedes AMG, Tag Heuer Watches, Harley Davidson, Trips around the world and more! Valid 1-31 December 2021. T’s & C’s Apply