From verdant Scottish Highlands to the beautiful Champagne Valley, very few places mentioned like that can bring such vivid images to mind as these two sites of international renown. They do seem like two different worlds, but everyone will agree that their respective regions have created some of the finest beverages that exude success with aromas of class.

The lingering taste of all the time and care that went into a barrel of Whisky will leave an impression when you sip on Glenmorangie, you can almost feel how it was lovingly tended from before it was distilled to the moment it got opened at your table. A Single Malt like this is indeed a labour of love and most definitely a fitting partner for Moët & Chandon on an evening out.

Moët & Chandon has been a permanent fixture on our tables for a long time and has been a staple diet for an elegant yet energetic night out. Champagne is also crafted to the highest standards and is tended to by experts in their field from the moment they pick the grapes to the moment that they bottle it for fermentation. We feel the bubbles energise us and elevate our evening to new heights whilst getting a feeling of what true indulgence is all about.

These two iconic brands have teamed up for an evening of beautiful memories that will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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