Windhoek Draught

Hello to all the survivors out there, today we will raise our glasses and look at one of the most iconic beer brands on our continent. Anyone that has been drinking Beer will know this company and the true craftmanship that they have always tried to adhere to. We are speaking about a beverage that still gets made to the original tenets of the Reinheitsgebot, an ancient way to make Beer in its purest form and something that has stood the test of centuries ever since the early 1500’s.

I love having some of the bottled/canned draught at home, it is an easy drinking beer and one day when I am rich and famous, I will have a tap in my house. We have known about Windhoek Beer for decades and it also helps that it is made by one of our neighbours, Namibia. Two partners bought older breweries and ended up creating one of the strongest beer brands in Africa, if not the world where the brand is internationally recognised for their attention to detail and overall quality.

Decades later, they have created a truly recognisable brand that still stands for quality whilst they must serve ever increasing qualities of this golden brew. Whilst you can still enjoy a trip to the first big brewery, it has been a while and they have ramped up their production to make sure that people all around the world can enjoy the hard work and attention to detail that goes into one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

So come and enjoy one of these frosty beverages with us and experience a truly delicious product that will not disappoint.

JB – The Bar Wacko


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