One of the first recipe’s to be written down in the world was for a golden elixir we name Beer and made such an impression that they had to immortalize it for history. Since the earliest days, people have revered the incredible taste of Beer made from whichever base was common at the time, close by and fermented them in their own ways.

Beer was independently created by many different cultures from all over the world and even some made from Cassava, Bread, and a multitude of other Fermentable products. Slowly but surely it led to ingenious ways to clarify and get a more consistent flavour out of their products. Eventually with the industrial revolution people were able to get a consistent product with much stricter health and safety controls whilst making Beer at a much higher rate.

These days we have so many different styles of Beer in the world, that we are spoilt for choice, whether you like small batches of Craft beer or just want great value and consistency from the more well-known brands. Larger brands have been cultivating their own yeast strains and production techniques over the decades so that they can have a product anyone can enjoy wherever they travel or come from.

Speaking of well-known…Heineken is one of the largest, most iconic brands in the world and is known all over for its quality and consistency. They have really put in a lot of hard work and they always deliver on a fresh taste that you can rely on anywhere. I have always had the same Heineken and it is also my go-to Beer when I travel, and I need something that I can count on.

So, whether you drink it as a draught or you have it in a bottle, Heineken will always deliver on their great taste every time.


The Bar Wacko


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