Hello, all you tough survivors out there, and welcome to our little corner.

When it comes to style there are a few brands that truly capture elegance and sophistication like The Glenlivet. As most of us know, Scotch Whisky is heavily regulated by tradition and has been around for hundreds of years to get to the products that they are now. Their distillers are some of the best in the world and the bodies that set regulations are very detailed on how Scotland’s finest spirits can be made.

There is a lot to say about the feeling ‘that all is well in the world’, and The Glenlivet puts all those feelings into their creation.  I find that when I sit with a good Whisky after a long hard day, there is this feeling of peace and tranquillity that I find in very few other spirits from around the world. Whilst we sit wetting our lips, we think of the years upon years that these Whisky’s have been lying dormant before they came to enrich our lives with flavour.

Kept in the dark for most of its life but the flavours are bright and true, The Glenlivet has been a huge part of our Whisky market for many years and has made itself part of our very fabric. Whether you prefer the fruit and nut flavours from the 15-year-old or citrus and winter spice for the 18-year-old, the choice is yours and made easier by knowing they both come from a loving home and diligent caregivers.

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