Hello everyone and welcome to our cocktail corner, today we are going to be showcasing one of the longest lasting cocktails on our menu, the Tazmanian Devil. Anyone that has walked into one of our bars has probably seen this on one of the tables or on the bar, it has been with us since the beginning of the Cubana brand and it has not been changed one bit since that the moment that it was placed on our menu.

This cocktail has wet many a whistle and is still a firm favourite for those sweltering summer days, that lovely tall glass with the frozen slushy top can help you cool down when the world seems to be burning around you. I have always loved using pineapple juice and this cocktail has plenty of it, we then mix that in with some sour apple and peach flavour that Southern Comfort ties together perfectly. The blue frozen slushy on top is a mix of our well-known Sour Mix with Blue curacao that gives it a lovely Citrus aroma whilst also making sure the drink does not dilute too quickly.

Even though this cocktail is very colourful and has a unique look, the taste will leave you refreshed seeing as it is sweet and just sour enough to even out the flavour. So, come and join us for one of our oldest, yet most resilient creations today and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.


JB – The Bar ‘Wacko’