When people think of a Margarita, they think of those cheap and slushy blended versions made for volume and lacking in any adequate flavour, unfortunately they would be right in some ways. This cocktail has been so successful and easy to make that it has also been a regular for any dive bar where people want a cocktail, but they do not want to invest too much in equipment or training. Whilst the Margarita is an easily made and ‘difficult to break’ cocktail, it can also be one of the tastiest cocktails around.

When we try to understand why this cocktail is so popular then we must look no further than the eternal party starter, Tequila. Unfortunately, it has been so popular that most of the offerings out there are no more than flavourless slush with a name, and this does not do the Margarita any justice at all. My favourite Margarita would be with a proper 100% agave tequila, Fresh Lime and Cointreau that is served on the rocks without salt. I would have to say that it is my favourite and you will have to find your own.

The original form that is shaken would be the best way to enjoy it but the ‘frozen’ version can be tasty if the ingredients are adjusted for the increased volume and it is served on a hot sunny day. Try it as the original lemon/lime flavour or adjust it with our flavour substitutions like Peach or Mixed berries, if you enjoy it then there is no-one that can tell you otherwise.

A lot of people see tequila as a party starter and it has been for years but there are a lot of really good Tequila brands out there who offer this classic spirit in hopes that we will not just down it in shooters and actually enjoy the intricate flavours of the Agave Weber Azul. And for every good spirit category there is a cocktail that will make it shine, for Tequila it is most definitely the Margarita.

JB – The Bar ‘Wacko’