Cocktails, those wonderful, tasty and colourful concoctions that brings joy to many of our lives all year round. The most notable time for cocktails though will always be the summer time and very few things come close to that utter joy of sipping on a big, juicy, finely crafted cocktail at sundowner time after a long hot day at work.

But how do we design these, is it just luck? Do we just throw in anything behind the bar until we find something that tastes good? The actual methodology of making cocktails is a lot more intricate than that and because people are all unique and different, with palates that pick up different flavour profiles…It makes it a very delicate procedure when designing new cocktails and sad times come when we have to remove a cocktail which we loved but didn’t gain enough traction.

Even when there is not always a direct moment where we must change our cocktails, or add new ones, we work on cocktail ideas throughout the year and then adapt it to the preferred suppliers and, of course, the availability of ingredients (we get some funny ideas).  After we have set the base spirit, adapted our idea and then made at least two recipes for each cocktail that we designed, only then do we move towards a full tasting session (you might also see us in the stores sometimes offering cocktails, this is just us hard at work).

We spend a lot of time and effort on working on these libations, it is a labor of love, it is our eternal passion and it is for all of you that keep coming back and enjoying our creations. Sometimes we look at the classics and sometimes we just go with whatever comes into our head from our years of putting flavours together but in the end, you can rest assured that we took our time and did it right. Whilst not every person will like every cocktail, out there, somewhere…somebody loved it enough to put it on the menu.

So, go ahead, indulge and enjoy our best efforts

JB – The bar ‘Wacko’