Nobility is synonymous with Pongrácz which is named after Desiderius Pongrácz, the nobleman and Hungarian refugee, who had a profound impact on viticulture in the Western Cape. Considered a genius for finding the unexpected in the traditional and fresh, unconventional theories, Pongrácz was witty and brilliant and his inspiration extended across the wine industry.

With Ultra-Violet voted as Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2018, the Pongrácz Noble Nectar is already a style-icon.  The beautifully shaped purple-hued bottle stands out, dares to be different and unapologetically so as our Cubaña Latino Caffe bold women.

At Cubaña Latino Caffe, we’re inspired by bold women every day: the women in our families, on our team and in our circle of friends; the women in our stores and those in the news; the women of our past and the women of now and the inspiring women who’ve paved the way to make that play happen.

In December 2019, we ran a social media competition in partnership with Pongrácz to celebrate those bold women in our lives and in our world. We wanted the women in our circles to share their bold moments and how they managed to beat the odds and challenge the current status quo.

We received a lot beautiful stories from inspiring women across the country and one heart-warming story that stood out for us was from Mirriam Mokoena.  A 38 year old single mother of three from Small Farms in Evaton, she worked as a cleaner at a restaurant for a long time and had to clean left overs during lunch time. She noticed that a lot of the patrons were not finishing their meals which was a sign that maybe the food was not appetizing and appealing as advertised. During her break time she would sneak into the kitchen to see how the food was prepared and that is where she learned her passion for cooking and baking.

Her passion for cooking inspired her to quit her and job start her own cooking business and  when she started she was determined to make sure that none of her patrons leave any left overs. Every hour she would check just how much food was thrown into the bin by her patrons. Seeing how much the bin was empty inspired her to do more, the business sky rocketed and people started asking her to close late. Since then the business has blossomed and now she runs a successful and fully equipped kitchen with four permanent staff members.

Her favourite motivational quote is “Take the risk courageously, become extraordinary. You are on this planet to accomplish a unique mission. Believe in the beauty of your dreams and do not stop dreaming.”-Jenna Clifford

Here’s to celebrating noble, bubbly, sophisticated, ambitious and independent women the Desiderius Pongrácz way!