The classical spirit that has come a long way from ‘bath-tub’ to Kraft which has evolved into an elegant spirit and there can be no mistaking or underestimating this powerful libation. A spirit that was prohibited and went underground has grown into a global trend that shows no signs of slowing and it just goes to show that you can’t keep a good spirit down.

Although our predominantly Juniper flavoured tipple has been around for many years and ‘London Dry’ is the style, we now have it all around the world and it now has almost as many brands as there are flavours that play on the differing botanicals. Orris root and cassia bark, anis and lemon peel; who thought that these combinations could take on and create such a global demand for this spirit.

If you are looking for a distinctive and flavourful spirit then Gin is for you and whether you drink it with tonic or in our beautifully crafted ‘Untouchable’ cocktail, you will find the character intriguing. Bombay Sapphire has taken to the streets and hit the ground running and changes what was once known as ‘Mothers Ruin’ into a sophisticated, powerful spirit.

No longer do we just use a good old G&T as a prevention against Malaria, we enjoy it and revel in a spirit with profound history which stretches over centuries. Treat yourself to this and a myriad of other Gin cocktails on our menu where we try to live up to the reputation, evolve our understanding and play on the nuances of this glorious spirit.

Whether it you are single and having a double or just enjoying a cocktail with friends, we will help you find your favourite Gin. Go classic with the original ‘London Dry’ style or if the mood strikes, have yourself a gentler Pink Gin with a Pink Tonic…All you must do is order one today.


JB – The bar ‘Wacko’